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Standards to prevent workplace injuries in car wash facilities

Just like workers in factories, construction sites and meat processing plants in Arizona, those who work in car washes face occupational safety hazards. Business owners in this industry are responsible for the health and safety of their employees, and compliance with the safety standards prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is essential. Along with safety standards for the general industry, car wash owners must address any potential industry-related hazards that could cause workplace injuries.

A car wash owner's responsibilities include frequent safety audits to identify potential hazards and to keep the safety plan of the business current. An example of changing risks include the introduction of new chemicals used for cleaning and polishing cars. Workers must learn about the chemical compounds of each substance to which they are exposed, the risk they pose, proper uses and safe storage requirements. Incorrect storage of chemicals can allow volatile mixtures to occur -- often with devastating consequences.

Another significant risk involves accumulations of water, wax and chemicals in puddles. Slip, trip and fall accidents can cause life-changing injuries. Moving tools and equipment in the car wash can compromise the workers' line of sight, making them vulnerable for struck-by accidents. Electrical hazards are prevalent in these facilities, and strict protocols are necessary for any areas in which electrical wires and fixtures are located along with water.

Injured car wash workers in Arizona are likely eligible for benefits from the state-regulated workers' compensation insurance program. The benefits claims process could be challenging, but help is available. An attorney with experience in looking out for victims of workplace injuries can assist with the navigation of the claims in pursuit of benefits to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other applicable compensation.

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