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When construction workers return to work too soon

It can take weeks, even months to fully recover from a severe physical injury. But, in some circumstances, workers may be back on the job before they can mentally and physically perform their duties.

When construction workers are doing dangerous and physically intensive labor before they are fully healed, it can lead to problems for both the worker and their employer down the road, particularly if the employer is pressuring them to return to work.

Returning to work too early after an injury can be dangerous

In a demanding, high-risk occupation like construction, coming back too soon after an injury can have long-lasting effects on a worker’s ability to do their job while increasing safety hazards for them and their coworkers. In the state of Arizona, employers have no specific timeframe as to when their employees can return to work, so a worker should understand the severity of their condition before agreeing to come back. An employer should also evaluate whether the worker’s early return could be a liability for the company.

Possible consequences

While circumstances may differ, these are some possible issues injured construction workers could face due to an early return:

  • Potential for errors: A worker who is not fully recovered may make a mistake that results in loss of productivity or injury of others.
  • Decreased morale: The worker may become less motivated to do their job because they may not be able to complete tasks as quickly or accurately as they used to.
  • Slowed healing process: The intensity of a worker’s job may increase pain levels, prolonging their rehabilitation and cause other health problems in the future.

Workers should only go back when they’re ready

Coming back to work after an injury, especially in a construction job should only occur when the worker feels prepared and physically able to perform their duties. If you or a loved one were injured working in construction and were required to return to work early, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you understand your rights and review the facts of your claim.

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