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Drone technology might limit workers' compensation claims

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, after vehicle accidents, falls and confined spaces result in most workplace fatalities nationwide, including Arizona. With the rapid advancement in drone technology, many of the life-threatening risks are eliminated, along with workers' compensation claims. The Insurance Journal's 2018 numbers show that the Federal Aviation Administration has 277,000 registered commercial drones on its books.

More and more companies invest in drones to do the jobs that previously put the lives of human workers on the line. Instead of sending workers hundreds of feet up into the air to inspect towers and risk deadly falls, drones can inspect areas at dangerous heights from all angles. When it comes to risking lives in confined spaces, drones can be sent into tanks and other spaces where hazardous atmospheres can cause death within moments.

Some drones are even able to enter small tunnels to do minor repairs and replace faulty parts. Although drones require significant capital outlays, they can dramatically reduce risks and cut costs, not to mention the lives they can save. Even with all the precautions, safety gear and rescue teams on standby, workplace accidents continue to cause permanent disabilities or worse.

Unfortunately, workers in many industries will continue to risk their lives every day. When lives are lost, the surviving family members typically have to deal with unanticipated financial hardships at challenging times. Fortunately, the Arizona workers' compensation insurance program is there to help. An experienced attorney can help with the claims process for benefits that typically cover funeral and burial costs along with a portion of lost wages.

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