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What benefits are available for injured workers?

If you are injured on the job, you could face unexpected medical bills, which might be especially difficult to pay if your injuries prevent you from working. However, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, which could cover your medical expenses and some of your lost wages.

Workers’ compensation benefits may be awarded regardless of who caused the work accident. However, the benefits that you are eligible to receive will depend on your situation.

Temporary benefits

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to receive temporary benefits. These benefits usually include all medical expenses associated with the injury. If a doctor determines you cannot work or you can only perform light duty for more than seven days, your benefits could include compensation for a percentage of your lost earnings.

Temporary benefits are paid every two weeks while a doctor, who is actively treating you, has you on a no work status. These benefits usually end when your doctor believes you have recovered enough to work.

In some cases, your doctor might release you to work, while keeping you under active medical care. If this occurs, your carrier will review your situation to determine if any temporary benefits should continue. If your wages are the same as they were before your injury, your benefits will likely stop. If you earn less than you did before your injury, the carrier may pay part of the difference between your former and current wages.

Permanent benefits

In some cases, an injured worker receives medical treatment, but a doctor ultimately determines that the condition cannot be improved. If a doctor determines that you have a permanent impairment, you may be able to receive monthly compensation for your injuries.

Permanent injuries are either scheduled or unscheduled. Scheduled injuries are injuries that fall into specific categories, such as eye injuries or hand injuries. Compensation for scheduled injuries is calculated based on the loss of use you experience for the injured body part.

Unscheduled injuries are types of injuries that are not specifically accounted for. Unscheduled injuries can also involve a combination of impairments or a history of impairments. If you have unscheduled injuries, the amount of compensation you might be eligible for can vary based on many factors, including the wages you are able to earn after your injury, your physical limitations, your age and your education level.

The details surrounding your unique situation can determine what type of benefits you qualify for. Understanding what benefits are available and how eligibility is determined can help you make sure you receive fair compensation for your situation.

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