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Authorities say fatal workplace injuries are preventable

Safety authorities expressed concern over the results of recently updated preventable death statistics. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the latest numbers represent unintended deaths that occurred nationwide, including Arizona, in 2017, showing an increase of more than 5% on the previous year. The statistics are broken down in categories to indicate causes, and although it represents work-related and other preventable deaths, every one of the top 10 reasons could be deaths caused by workplace injuries.

Back injuries threaten workers in all industries

While workers in all sectors nationwide, including Arizona, face safety hazards that are unique to their industries, certain injury risks are present in all workplaces, regardless of the types of jobs workers do. A report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that one in every four workers' compensation claims involve back injuries. Safety authorities say three-quarters of those injuries were suffered while the workers performed lifting tasks.

5 common construction accident types

Construction workers in Phoenix have a difficult job. They work long hours of physical labor, often in punishing heat. In addition, the nature of the job often exposes construction workers to the risk of serious injury. When an accident occurs, the victim could be laid up and unable to work for months – if they are not permanently disabled.

Landscapers beware of the hazards posed by chainsaws

While workers in all industries in Arizona face safety risks every day, each occupation also has its unique hazards. For example, landscapers are not only exposed to environmental hazards like weather conditions, insect bites and dangerous chemicals, but also power tools like chainsaws. The tools are inherently dangerous, and a lack of adequate safety training can result in serious injuries that might include severe lacerations and even amputations.

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