Workers' Compensation Benefits Available In Arizona

If you are hurt at work, you rely on workers' compensation to make your recovery easier on you and your family. Even though you have a legal right to receive compensation, the amount and manner of obtaining benefits varies depending on your individual circumstances.

Navigating workers' compensation can be complicated, but Rios Law Firm PLLC is ready to help. Our founding attorney, Crystal Rios Ramos, has extensive experience helping injured workers like you through the workers' compensation process. She handles your case personally, fighting for you no matter what.

Los beneficios de compensación al trabajador lesionado son variables. Comuníquese con Rios Law Firm PLLC hoy para informarse y proteger sus derechos.

We Help You Get The Benefits You Deserve

It is important to know the types of benefits available to you when you file a claim. There are many complex details to the Arizona benefits process, but you do not have to deal with them alone. Rios Law Firm PLLC will guide you through the entire process and help you determine which benefits you qualify for.

The different kinds of benefits include:

  • Temporary benefits: You qualify for temporary benefits while you are actively receiving treatment for your work-related injury and have lost time from work as a result of the injury. These benefits generally stop when your doctor discharges you.
  • Permanent benefits: You may be eligible for these benefits if you suffer a permanent impairment as a result of your industrial injury. Injuries to your back or shoulder, as well as your head, hips or neck, can be extremely serious and lead to a permanent loss of earning capacity.

The different types of benefits you can receive depend on your situation. That is why Rios Law Firm PLLC provides personalized guidance and counsel. We cater our strategies to your individual needs, to obtain the best possible results for you in your case.

Contact An Advocate You Can Count On

You should not have to deal with the complicated details of workers' compensation on your own. At Rios Law Firm PLLC, we take care of those details, so you can focus on a smooth recovery. Call our office in Phoenix at 602-237-6265 or contact us through email to discuss your specific concerns at your free consultation with our lawyer.

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